Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market is here to serve our customers,
but we also need to be fair to our employees.  
Please no unloading after 5:30 p.m.  
Thank you! 

If you would like to purchase cattle on please request approval prior to sale.

Ericson Livestock is proud to introduce a video marketing option to optimize our customer’s greatest potential return on cattle. The video sale will be held in conjunction with the regular sales on Saturdays with live in barn bidding on or over the phone bids. 
The details of every lot can be viewed on our website or under video catalog tab.  The video sale is geared toward conventional cattle that sell at historically higher times of the year for later delivery or special program cattle that are not allowed to go through a sale barn. 
If this is a resource that you may be considering please call our reps Tyler Swett at 308-201-0079 and he will be happy to discuss the options available to you.  

cattle usa new website is

Over slide     $.15 <475   $.13 (476 to 550)   $.11 (551 to 600)  $.09 (601 to 699)   $.07 >700 – over
Under slide   $.13 <475   $.11 (476 to 550)   $.09 (551 to 600)  $.07 (601 to 699)   $.04 >700 – over 

Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market
 Saturday, August 7, 2021, Special Cattle Auction
2500 to 3000 Head Expected
Weigh Ups 8:00, Odd Lots 10:45, Bred Cows 11:00, Yearlings to Follow


Most calves/yearlings have been preconditioned; vac. info will be announced as calves enter the ring.

Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market is a SAV, NHTC, VNB approved sale barn with IMI Global.



600     ANG STRS, Green                                                                  875-925#      RICK RENNER

500     ANG & CHAR X HFRS                                                           775-825#      ED & JAY WLASCHIN

320     ANG X & CHAR X HFRS, Off Grass, NI, Pg Ck Open          800-850#      LARRY WHITE

200      ANG YEARLINGS                                                                      850-950#         GENE SCHMEITS

170      ANG & ANG X STRS, Off Grass, NI                                             800-850#         LARRY WHITE

150      ANG & ANG X STRS, Off Grass, NI                                             700-800#         PFEIFER & SEIER

100      ANG STRS                                                                                775-825#         BILL THOME & TYSON SMITH

  85      ANG HFRS, G.O. Home Raised                                                   800#                JAMES RITZ

  65      X BRED HFRS, G.O.                                                                  875#                TERRY CONE

  65      ANG HFRS, G.O.                                                                       875-950#         CHAD PETERSON

  20      ANG HFRS, G.O.                                                                       650#                DON ROY  

  20      ANG HFRS, G.O.                                                                        600#               DON & CODY BROWN

  10      ANG HFRS, Pg Ck Open                                                             850-900#         ALAN GRIEBEL

    4      HFRS out of AI sired Bucking Bull, G.O. Home Raised                 700#                JAMES RITZ


 Bred Cows

  50      ANG FALL COWS, Mostly 2nd & 3rd Calvers, COMPLETE DISPERSION                 DENNY & BYRON BAUER

            Mated to Ang bulls, to calve Aug 10 for 70 days                                                             308-370-0320


  20      ANG COWS, 2ND to 4th Calvers                                                                           PAUL BOYCE & FAMILY

            Mated to Ang bull, calving now                                                                                       308-728-7244


Saturday, August 28, Special Cattle Auction    view & bid:    

If you would like to purchase cattle on please request approval prior to sale day.


OFFICE    308-653-3111

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