Special Notice:  Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market is here to serve our customers,
but we also need to be fair to our employees.  Please no unloading after 5:30 p.m.  
Thank you! 

If you would like to purchase cattle on cattleusa.com please request approval prior to sale.

                                                                                                       Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market intends to continue having sales.

We do ask that, for the safety of all concerned,

Please minimize the time you spend at the market and in the sale arena.

Our staff will be available to unload your consignment

so that you may return home to minimize exposure risk.

You can also contact our office to discuss check delivery

or pick up options if you would prefer not to wait for the mail.

If you are feeling ill or have any symptoms of illness, please remain home.

Please continue to check our website and social media

on all sales and status of any special sale events.




Wednesday, April 8, 2:00 – Beck Registered Angus Bull Auction

Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market
Saturday, April 18, 2020 – Special Cattle Auction

2500-3000 Head Expected

Weigh ups 8:30, Odd Lots 11:00, Calves to Follow


Most calves have been weaned and preconditioned—Vac. info will be announced as calves enter the ring.


250     ANG & CHAR X CALVES                               450-600#      TRAVIS HOFMANN

225     ANG & ANG HERF X STRS                           500-600#      TUREK CATTLE

220     ANG & CHAR X CALVES                               450-550#      PAUL CORKLE

130     ANG & CHAR X CALVES                               600-650#      DAN MARTENSEN

100     ANG & ANG X CALVES                                 475-575#      ROBERT USASZ

100     ANG CALVES                                                 550-650#      CHET & CAREY ODENBACH

100     ANG & ANG X CALVES                                 575-700#      CURT & SUSAN SCHAUER

100     ANG CALVES                                                 550-650#      DARRELL MISKA

100     ANG & RED ANG X CALVES                        500-600#      ROGGASCH RANCH

100     ANG & ANG X CALVES                                 500-600#      ANNE GIBBONS

  80      ANG CALVES                                                 450-550#      DARYL, JILL, JAMIE, MARY TOMJACK

  75      BLK & BWF CALVES                                     400-600#      GERALD, MIKE, TOM CLINCH

  70      ANG & ANG CHAR X CALVES                      550-650#      DOMINIC WROBLEWSKI

  70      ANG HFRS, OCV, RQ, 1 Load                        725-775#      BILL, ERIC, TODD BERGER

  50      ANG HFRS, Home Raised, RQ, OCV             750#               CHET & CAREY ODENBACH

  50      ANG & ANG HERF X CALVES                      600-700#      GLEN NELSON FAMILY

  45      ANG CALVES, weaned                                   400-500#      ACE VANDEWALLE

  40      ANG CALVES                                                 400-500#      JUSTIN DILLON

  40      ANG CHAR X CALVES                                   500-600#      BILL KUCERA


Saturday, May 16 - Special Cattle Auction


www.ericsonlivestock.com   view & bid: www.cattleusa.com


If you would like to purchase cattle on cattleusa.com please request approval prior to sale day.


OFFICE    308-653-3111     Pat Mahony  308-750-0486    Mike Mahony    308-750-3791   Tom Meyer     308-750-2125

Curt Weber 308-750-8592   Stan Klug     308-750-2142    Kevin Mahony   402-340-3829  Gerald Clinch  402-841-6320